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26 September 2019

New NDIS Price Guide. Disability-related health supports now funded by the NDIS.

Here at Leap in! HQ we are always keen to share the latest information with you, so we’ve summarised the important points below.

The NDIA has released a new Price Guide as well as an updated Support Catalogue, effective from 1 October.

The main changes include:

  • Funding for disability-related health supports
  • Reclassification of some regional areas for funding purposes
  • Clarification on how providers can charge travel costs

New quoting tool for Supported Independent Living.

Disability-related health supports.

More than 90 disability-related health supports will now be funded by the NDIS. This is a big change which means NDIS participants with more complex conditions can access a wider range of health-related supports using their NDIS Plan.

The supports must be directly related to a participant’s significant and permanent functional impairment and assist them to undertake activities of daily living. Supports that do not relate directly to a disability will continue to be provided by the health system.

Supports covered include:

  • Dysphagia support for participants who have trouble eating, drinking or swallowing
  • Support for respiratory conditions
  • Diabetes management
  • Wound and pressure care
  • Podiatry and foot care
  • Epilepsy supports.

Supports may be provided by a disability support worker, therapist or nurse. They may also include consumables or assistive technology. See the updated NDIS Support Catalogue for full details.

There is also no need for a Plan Review

NDIS participants can start accessing therapy and nursing disability-related supports from 1 October – without a Plan Review.

If therapy and disability-related health supports are already included in your Plan, you can continue to purchase these as usual.

If you do not have disability-related health supports in your Plan and are eligible for these supports, a temporary measure will allow you to purchase them from your Core supports budget.

The following criteria apply:

  • Supports must be obtained by NDIS registered providers unless you are plan managed or self manage (in which case you can choose non-NDIS registered providers).
  • To acquire disability-related low cost AT or consumable items, you must have a Consumables budget.
  • Your ability to pay for disability-related therapy and nursing supports through the Core supports budget will finish at your next Plan Review. After this time, if you are eligible, the supports will be added to your Capacity Building budget.

An earlier Plan Review may be requested by participants whose funds are exhausted prior to the next scheduled Plan Review.

Over the coming months, the NDIA will contact participants who are likely to be eligible for disability-related health supports.

Other updates.

Pricing for regional, remote and very remote areas

In general, price limits are now 40% higher in remote areas and 50% higher in very remote areas. Providers are advised to refer to support price limits based on where the support is delivered, not where the participant lives.

The NDIA has shared a handy online tool to help you determine how your location is rated, called Health Workforce Locator.

Some areas previously classified as regional have been reclassified as remote for planning and pricing purposes. If you live in a regional area, it is worth checking if the classification for your address has changed.

Provider travel costs

The NDIA has provided clarification on when and how a provider can claim travel costs from an NDIS participant as well how travel time should be shared across participants if they are visiting more than one client in a trip.

Keep an eye out for our next newsletter which will provide more details about changes to travel costs.

New quoting tool for Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living (SIL) involves independent living in a shared environment, where individuals are supported to complete activities or tasks in accordance with their need.

As SIL does not have fixed price limits and quotes are required, a tool has been developed to analyse provider quotes and ensure they represent value for money. Providers can obtain the Provider SIL Pack that contains templates to assist them in providing individualised quotes by emailing:

Have questions?

If you need some help to understand how any of these changes apply to you, the Leap in! Crew are here to help. Give us a call on 1300 05 78 78 or chat with us on our website (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm).