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30 November 2018


We get asked a lot of questions here at Leap in! HQ.

Our crew have loads of experience dealing with the challenges our members face, including some unique NDIS terms which can be confusing.

This week, our members have been asking about NDIS nominees.

What is an NDIS nominee?

A nominee is a person who is appointed by a participant to act or make decisions on behalf of a participant. There are also situations where the NDIA can initiate a nominee for a participant.

NDIS nominees have a duty to determine the wishes of the participant and make decisions that are in their best interests for their personal and social well-being.

What types of NDIS nominees are there?

There are two types of nominees:

1. Correspondence nominee

A correspondence nominee can undertake all activities that a participant would undertake, except for:

  • The preparation, review or replacement of the participant’s Plan
  • Managing the funds for supports in the participant’s Plan.

2. Plan nominee

An NDIS Plan nominee can undertake all activities that a participant would undertake including all activity relating to their plan and the management of their funds. If there is anything specific that you don’t want your plan nominee to decide, you can ask for this to be noted when you appoint them.

Why should I have a nominee?

You should consider having a NDIS nominee in place for times when you are unavailable to make decisions or need someone to speak with the NDIS on your behalf. The unexpected can happen and it’s good to have a plan in place, just in case.

Not sure? Call us and we can help.

If you’d like help getting your nominee in place, one of our plan managers can help – call us on 1300 05 78 78. Leap in! have also covered another important NDIS term: Stated supports, and why its crucial in getting the most out of your NDIS funding.