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14 August 2020

What is the difference between plan management and support coordination?

This is a question we are often asked at Leap in! HQ.

While both are services that help you implement your NDIS Plan, they offer different supports and appear in different locations in your plan.

Let’s take a look at how each one works.

Plan management – a flexible way to manage your NDIS budgets.

Plan management is one of the four options for managing your NDIS funds. The other options are Agency (NDIA) managed, to self manage or a combination of these options (check out What are combination plans? for details).

Anyone can choose to have plan management included in their NDIS Plan. So, if you ask for it in your NDIS Plan meeting – you’ll get it.

Keep in mind that you may not be asked whether you want to include plan management so you may have to mention it yourself.

If you have only recently obtained a new NDIS Plan that doesn’t include plan management, you can request a light touch review and ask them to add it to your plan.

Find out how to Get NDIS plan management.

What does a plan manager do?

A plan manager helps you to manage all the claiming, payment and paperwork associated with your NDIS Plan.

A plan manager:

  • Takes care of the claiming of NDIS-related invoices
  • Pays your service providers
  • Resolves billing questions and issues
  • Means you don’t have to do bookkeeping, financial tracking or audits.

Another advantage of choosing plan management is that you can use any provider whether they are NDIS-registered or not.

Not all plan managers are the same.

In addition to the help above, Leap in! also offers a range of additional supports and resources:

  • An award-winning free app where you can:
    • Review and approve invoices
    • View your budgets 24/7
    • Keep all your information in the one place, and
    • Invite your friends, family and support workers to contribute to your profile.
  • Free NDIS meeting pre-planning sessions
  • Free resources, information and advice
  • Direct connection to local providers who are matched to the budgets you have available (including quality support coordinators close to you)
  • Budget health checks and more.

How much does plan management cost?

Nothing. The NDIS puts additional funds into your NDIS Plan to cover the cost of plan management so it doesn’t cost you anything. You’ll find this in the Improved Life Choices budget under the Capacity Building category in your plan.

To find out more about plan management, check out our article, What is plan management?

Support coordination – help to access NDIS-related services.

Support coordination has a different purpose and is determined by eligibility. Support coordinators connect NDIS participants to service providers and coordinate access to supports across the community.

They can also set up appointment bookings and Service Agreements on your behalf.

Getting support coordination in your NDIS Plan.

Support coordination is only available to participants where the support is considered “reasonable and necessary” so not everyone will be able to get support coordination in their NDIS Plan.

Support coordination is usually available for people who:

  • Have high support needs
  • Need to change their accommodation or housing arrangements
  • Have limited informal supports (such as those provided by family and friends).

What does a support coordinator do?

All support coordinators assist you to implement your NDIS Plan and connect you with relevant services. The other tasks support coordinators do depends on the type of support coordination included in your NDIS Plan.

Level 1 – Support Connection: builds your ability to connect with informal community and funded supports to get the most from your NDIS Plan.

Level 2 – Coordination of Supports: helps you build skills to understand, implement and use your NDIS Plan.

Level 3 – Specialist Support Coordination: offers a higher level of support including helping  you to overcome complex barriers to implementing your NDIS Plan and ensuring consistency of service from your providers.

How much does support coordination cost?

Nothing. If you’re approved, money will be added to your NDIS budget to cover the cost. You’ll find this in the Support coordination budget under the Capacity Building category in your plan.

Top tip – Temporary support coordination flexibility due to COVID-19. 
If you need additional support coordination due to COVID-19, you’re able to temporarily use your Core supports budget provided you have enough funding available. For details, visit the NDIS website.

Summary: Plan management and support coordination.

It is possible to have both plan management and support coordination included in your NDIS Plan.

Find out more about plan management.

If you are interested in finding out more about how Leap in! plan management could help you, call the Leap in! Crew on 1300 05 78 78,  contact us via our website (online chat available) or email


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