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30 April 2019

Remove the stress with our FREE pre-planning sessions.

Preparing for your first NDIS meeting (or even a Plan Review meeting) can be overwhelming and we completely understand. There is a lot to prepare and think through.

Luckily, our team here at Leap in! HQ can help get you started with a free pre-planning session. All you need to do is call us on 1300 05 78 78 and arrange a time.

So what will one of our pre-planning sessions cover?

1. How to give yourself enough time to be properly prepared.

Preparation is key when it comes to an NDIS meeting. To stop it from feeling like homework, give yourself time and prepare at your own pace. This will be much less stressful than trying to prepare the night before your meeting, or worse, going into your meeting unprepared.

2. What questions you need to ask yourself.

This is your chance to think about the big questions:

  • Where do you want to go in life?

  • What would you like to achieve?

  • What is stopping you or would make life easier?

3. How to prepare your records.

Think about your worst days and what obstacles you face. Then think about day-to-day life and the little things that could make big differences if you could just change them? Add them to the app or even take and upload some photos. This way, you’ll have the perfect examples to show during your meeting.

4. The value of a support person.

Whether it’s your first, second or third meeting, you’re allowed to take someone along to your meeting. This could be family or friend or an advocate, just someone who could assist in explaining things to the NDIS Planner.

5. How to communicate the specifics.

Be ready to be as specific as possible so that you’re getting exactly what you need out of your meeting.

6. How to make the most of our handy planning tool.

Start working on capturing your story (and tracking your goals if you’re heading into a Plan Review) in the app sooner rather than later so that you can feel relaxed and prepared in the lead up to your meeting. You can add information and come back to it any time – it’s all in the one, safe and convenient place.

Don’t forget to check out the Plan Ready Summary in the app which shows you everything you’ve entered. It’s a great resource.

Talk to us today to book your free NDIS pre-planning session, ask any questions or sign up to Leap in! Plan Management today.

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