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25 February 2019

Vehicle modifications.

We are often asked questions about specific supports and whether they are funded through the NDIS.

One support that raises a lot of questions is vehicle modifications, so we thought we’d outline some of the key information and share it with everyone.

Are vehicle modifications covered under the NDIS?

The short answer is yes… but like all funding and NDIS supports, you must meet a number of requirements and the NDIA must deem the support reasonable and necessary.

Who is eligible for NDIS vehicle modification support funding?

Every case is different and it can be be a complicated process determining what is reasonably and necessary when it comes to your NDIS funding.

With vehicle modification support, the first thing the NDIA will consider is whether or not you have an endorsed license for the vehicle you want modified or if you have been assessed as having the capacity to obtain an endorsed license.

The NDIA will also consider whether the vehicle modifications are reasonable, relative to the benefits. When determining whether vehicle modifications represent value for money, the NDIA will consider:

  • Whether the proposed vehicle modifications are the best alternative for achieving your transport needs
  • Whether your specific needs can be met using a cheaper alternative
  • The suitability of the type of vehicle proposed to be modified.

What does vehicle modification actually include?

Under the NDIS, vehicle modifications are the changes to a vehicle, or the installation of equipment in a vehicle that enable a participant to access, use and operate the vehicle. This might include modifications that:

  • Help you get in and out of the vehicle with or without a wheelchair
  • Carry your wheelchair in or on the vehicle without lifting
  • Be transported safely whilst seated in your wheelchair
  • Help you to drive the vehicle without specialised controls or adaptations.

The NDIS may also fund supports that are related or incidental to the vehicle modifications you’re needing like:

  • Your driver assessments for the purpose of obtaining an endorsed license
  • Driving lessons that establish the skills you need to use the modified vehicle
  • Additional insurance costs, if an additional insurance premium is payable as a result of the modifications. Note, the NDIS will only fund the increased amount of the premium, not the total cost of the policy
  • The cost of engineering certification and other checks required for initial registration.

In general, the NDIS won’t fund:

  • The purchase of a new vehicle
  • Insurance, registration and running costs
  • Non-standard vehicle items
  • Driving supervision in order for a participant to accrue hours to pass a driving test
  • Major modifications (over $10,000) to a vehicle where less than 8 years has lapsed since the most recent funding of vehicle modifications unless your circumstances and needs have significantly changed.

Want to speak to the vehicle modification experts direct?

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