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21 May 2019

Will it cost me anything to work with a plan manager?

Here at Leap in! HQ, we are sometimes asked if plan management fees come out of your allocated NDIS budget.

Good news! The answer to this question is no. 

Having a plan manager costs you nothing extra and there are no out of pocket expenses to you. You will not have money taken from your NDIS funding either.

How? Because the NDIA supports plan management by adding extra funds to your plan to cover the cost of a plan manager.

Understanding all these terms can be confusing! If you need a refresher on what some of the key NDIS terms are, you can view The ultimate list of NDIS terms.

How do I choose to be plan managed?

Plan management is a choice you make about who is responsible for tracking your NDIS budgets and paying your service providers.

At your NDIS Plan meeting you will need to tell your planner (or Local Area Coordinator) how you would like to manage your plan.

There are four options:

  1. Plan management
  2. Self managed
  3. NDIA managed
  4. A combination of the above.

If you request plan management, the NDIA will add an additional budget amount to a budget category called Improved Life Choices. The Improved Life Choices category falls under the Capacity Building supports budget.

This budget is designed to help build your independence and help you reach your long-term goals.

What happens next?

The plan management costs that are covered under the NDIS may include:

  • An initial one-time cost (per plan) to get you set up
  • Supporting you as you transition to plan management
  • Ongoing monthly fees

None of these fees come at a cost to you or reduce your NDIS funding amount.

Need more information or NDIS pre-planning advice?

Find out more about how to get plan management. Or call Leap in! on 1300 05 78 78 to have your questions answered, book your free NDIS pre-planning session or sign up to Leap in! plan management today.

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