An invoice can be short paid for a number of reasons. The most common are:

  • The unit price on the invoice is above the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits and therefore can not be paid in full. 
  • There are insufficient funds in the participants’ budget. For privacy reasons we are unable to share a participant’s details without their permission. In these instances, we will direct Providers to contact the Participant or their nominee.

In some cases, these short paid invoices will be directed to the NDIS Provider Payments department.

Occasionally, this could be caused by an administrative issue. If you can not solve your issue with any of the above, please contact our Provider Relations Team on 1300 05 78 74.

We submit claims to the NDIA every business day. Claims are processed in order of receipt, and can be tracked using Provider Toolkit


Provider Toolkit has a great feature that lets you see the status of your NDIS participant’s invoices with us.  Using your individual business’ link to the Provider Toolkit, you will be able to access Invoice Search. Here you can see where a particular invoice is in the processing, claiming and payment pipeline for any of your clients who are plan managed members with us. 

It’s available 24/7 and so easy to use. Contact our Provider Relations Team on 1300 05 78 74 for your unique URL to access your Provider Toolkit