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09 July 2019

Employment series: Resources to help you find a job.

Looking for a job can be hard! The good news is there is plenty of help available if you just know where to find it.

A great place to start.

Let’s talk about work

This booklet by the NDIS covers getting ready for employment, thinking about your goals for work, having a plan for when you leave school and finding the right employers. It also contains great tips for questions you might like to ask companies when you interview.

Read or download the Let’s talk about work booklet.

Finding, keeping and changing jobs

Part of the NDIS website, this page talks about how the NDIS can help you plan for work and includes a video of the various ways to getting a job.

Go to the Finding, keeping and changing jobs page.

Employment: taking the next step.

This blog post outlines how Leap in! and the NDIS can help you get a job and explains each of the relevant NDIS budget categories.

Read the Employment: taking the next step now.

Finding a job.

Disability Employment Services

This list has all the service providers by state and region, including information on whether companies offer specialised services for example, listing jobs for people with mental health conditions.

Take a look at the Disability Employment Services fact sheets.

Job Access website

This is the government website that provides information, advice and resources on finding a job, financial support, training and development and how to talk about your disability at work.

Visit the Available Support page.


The Jobsearch website can help you find a job service provider that is right for you. Search by suburb/postcode or provider type.

Start your search for service providers now.

Ticket to work

Ticket to work prepares young people for the world of work, providing options and advice on how to transition from school to work when you have a disability.

Here is a list of organisations and networks involved in the program.

Endeavour Foundation

The Endeavour Foundation offers full and part-time employment, training and personal development for people aged 15 years or older who have an intellectual disability. Locations include Queensland, Western Sydney and Victoria.

Find out more and register for disability employment services.

Preparing for work.

A job well done: work experience

This program has some great resources for helping students with a disability to prepare for work experience. A combination of videos and step-by-step guides cover what to wear, personal care, safety, communication and visiting the workplace.

5 tips for getting job ready

A blog post from Leap in! with some handy hints for getting job ready, like where to look and the importance of first impressions.

Talking to others about your disability

This article tackles the tricky topic of whether you should talk to your employer about your disability, as well as your rights and responsibilities when it comes to work.

Your first day

Starting a new job can be nerve-wracking! Like anything, preparation is the key. Check out this article out for some tips on how to be more relaxed, get to know your co-workers and become familiar with your new workplace.

Leap in! is here to help.

If one of your NDIS goals is to get a job, Leap in! can help by connecting you with service providers in our network.

The Leap in! app (available in the Apple App Store, on Google Play and for web) also has a dedicated section for setting and managing your goals, including your employment goals.

For more information, call the Leap in! Crew on 1300 05 78 78, email or sign up for Leap in! plan management online.

Further reading.

Achieving your NDIS employment goals.

Employment: Taking the next step.

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