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21 May 2021

Renting assistive technology with your NDIS funds.

Renting assistive technology (AT) can be a better option than buying it, particularly if you are only seeking a short term solution. Some AT providers may also require you to pay to trial AT before you buy from them.

Whether you’re trialling or renting AT, it helps to know what you can do when it comes to using your NDIS funds.

Read on to find out when it might be best to rent AT and get some helpful tips on using your NDIS funds for AT rentals.

Renting assistive technology.

The decision on whether to rent or buy assistive technology you need for your disability related supports is up to you in consultation with your AT provider.

Keep in mind that there may be additional costs for delivery (particularly to regional and remote areas) and device set-up or customisation for your needs.

Why rent assistive technology:

  • It’s cheaper in the short term
  • The expense is spread over time
  • Your needs frequently change
  • You want to trial before buying
  • There’s no need to pay maintenance and replacement costs
  • You may want it for a short period of time such as if you are on holidays.

Types of assistive technology that may be suitable for renting.

There is no limit to the types of AT that you can rent with your NDIS funds, providing it is ‘reasonable and necessary’ for your needs, and related to your disability.

These may include:

  • Lifts and slings
  • Personal mobility items such as wheelchairs and walkers
  • Specialised computer equipment and tablets
  • Hearing and vision aids
  • Prosthetics and orthotics
  • Assistive products for respiration support

Trialling assistive technology.

With so many different brands and options for AT, sometimes you’ll want to test an item before you buy or rent. Some providers will let you trial a product at no cost. Other times, a longer trial is required or the provider may need to travel to adjust the item for your trial, which may cost money. You can use your NDIS funds to pay for these costs.

Guide to pricing for trials or rentals.

The NDIS has developed a guide of the expected prices for common items that are trialled or rented with NDIS funds. The prices are examples that can be adjusted up or down according to your needs.

Trial of specialised AT (eg. child mobility)

  • $100 for testing different items during a clinic session
  • $150 per week for two or more items.

Bathroom equipment

  • $100 per week
  • An extra $100 per week if you need a transfer hoist.


  • $50 per week (manual)
  • $100 per week (powered)
  • A quote is required for higher cost rentals and trial of specialised power wheelchairs.


  • $120 per week including delivery. Extra weeks $70 per week.

Electronic communication and sensory impairment AT

  • $300 for two weeks

The full guide is available on the NDIS website.

How to rent assistive technology.

Low cost AT

Once funding is applied to your NDIS Plan, you can buy or rent low cost AT (costing less than $1500). If you are plan managed or self manage, you can use the provider of your choice. If you are Agency managed, you need to buy or rent the item from a registered provider.

Mid and high cost AT

Even if you choose to rent AT, you will need to consult with an AT provider and undertake an assessment before you can purchase or rent medium cost (between $1500 and $5000) or high cost AT (over $5000). High cost AT requires a quote.

Check out How do we consider the cost of assistive technology? for details.

Obtaining advice on using AT.

If you have assistive technology funding in your NDIS budget, you’ll also receive funding in your Capacity Building budget to help you choose AT or learn how to use it.

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