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30 August 2022

Accessible bedding range launched by Aussie brothers.

Bill and Ed Ovenden are shaking up the bedding industry one sheet at a time with their accessible bedding range.

Now with an innovative range of bedroom, bathroom and laundry products, Bill and Ed started their online business in 2019 The Lad Collective (TLC), with the idea of making everyday chores easier for young men, starting with making the bed!

Fast forward to 2022 and they have now expanded their range of products to include accessible bedding designed for support and comfort.


Building independence.

During their late teens and early twenties, Bill and Ed lived in sharehouses, and it was that experience that spawned the initial idea for The Lad Collective.

Their bedding products, body products and laundry powder quickly gained a following, appearing on Sunrise, The Project and The Block.And so, with more people aware of their range, they were flooded with suggestions about how the products could help build independence for people with a disability too.

“Many people contacted us saying there was nothing like this on the market and provided loads of suggestions which we took on board,” said Bill. “We explored changes that would make the products more widely accessible for people with physical or intellectual disabilities, children, stroke victims or even retired veteran communities.”


[Image description: A bedroom with The Lad Collective Magnetic Clip and Zip Quilt Set shown on the bed in blue.]


Accessible bedding.

The Lad Collective is now an NDIS registered provider, offering a range of bedroom products to assist more people to be able to make their beds.

“Our products are carefully designed based on input and feedback from a broad range of people and a lot of care has gone into making them accessible for everyone,” said Ed.

“We’re thrilled and excited by the opportunity to bring these products to the market in the NDIS space to change the lives and bring a new wave of independence for Australians with a disability.”


Easy-to-use bedding sets.

TLC’s signature bedding sets are equipped with features that make bedding easy to use for people with disabilities.

TLC Braille Bedding Set features:

  • Braille and tactile corner straps on the fitted sheet so you know what goes where and it’s easy to tuck in
  • Raised tactile labels so you can sort your linen by colour and size
  • Tactile centre logo to make it easy to position in the centre of the bed.

[Image description: A blue fitted sheet is shown with four corner tags, reading TR, TL, BR and BL and also the equivalent in Braille.]


TLC Assistive Bed Set features:

  • Labelled corner straps so you know what goes where and can tuck corners under the mattress smoothly
  • Invisible pillow case zips to zip up pillow cases with ease
  • Centre logo for easy orientation.

Both sets are made from a unique bamboo cotton blend that’s breathable and temperature regulating and they’re available in all sizes from single to super king.

Bill and Ed also appear to have solved the problem of inserting a quilt into its cover and keeping it in place. Their All-Seasons Magnetic Clip and Zip quilt set is the first of its kind in Australia. Magnets are fixed securely to each corner of the quilt and quilt cover, so everything lines up the first time and the quilt doesn’t bunch up when you sleep. It zips up at the base so there are no buttons or press studs to wrangle.


[Image description: An infographic of The Lad Collective Assistive bedding sheet set and pillows shown on a bed in green. The image reads “TLC Assistive Bedding Set” and has key points on the benefits of marked corner straps, invisible pillow case zips, centre logo for orientation and its unique bamboo cotton blend.]


Solving everyday puzzles.

Bill and Ed have different roles in the business. Bill has a degree in supply chain logistics, so tends to focus on logistics and research. Ed has qualifications in international business so he concentrates on branding and marketing. He is also the face of the brand and likes to have a bit of fun with marketing which is obvious in some of the brand’s photos and social media posts.

“For us it’s about how many lives we can change,” says Bill. “There’s a saying ‘messy bed, messy head’. If we can solve one of the first puzzles people face in the morning, it plays into some good psychology and gives you a good feeling to start the day. By tackling small obstacles and not neglecting the small mundane tasks, you can achieve great things.”


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