A grandmother and child are dancing happily in a living room.
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01 October 2021

Worry less, dance more: The joy of dancing.

It has been said that “life is better when you dance”. Dancing offers loads of benefits. It can build self confidence, improve coordination and is a great form of exercise. Even better, it’s fun!

Whether you’re dancing in a wheelchair, in a class, in the living room or on a stage, busting a move can lighten your mood and help you embrace the present moment.

It’s perhaps long overdue but dance classes are starting to become more inclusive. Both online and studio-based classes are making it easier for everyone to experience the joy of dancing. And if you’re not into classes, try cranking up the music and dance freestyle at home.


Why dance?

Express yourself
Dancing offers a unique way of expressing yourself, especially for people who are non-verbal. It allows everyone to find a movement style unique to them, where words are not necessary.

Move in different ways
Dancing challenges you to push the boundaries of movement and use different muscles. It can be an effective therapy for some people with disabilities, improving balance, strength and coordination.

Improve Fitness
Dancing increases overall fitness. It’s a great workout for burning calories, building muscles and improving cardiovascular health.

Make friends
Taking a community dance class is a great way to meet new people and help overcome social anxiety.

Boost self confidence
By kicking up your heels, you’ll learn new skills, become more in tune with your body and feel healthier, all of which can build confidence.


Getting your groove on.

There are more ways than ever to get your groove on so there’s sure to be an option that suits you.

There are many different styles of dancing such as jazz, hip hop, acrobatics, ballet, country, cultural dancing, Wheelchair DanceSport and more. If you’re unsure where to start, look at some videos online. Many studios offer a free trial class.

Online classes:

  • Perform-Ability is a therapy-based performing arts program for people of all ages with special needs and disabilities. There are loads of classes on their YouTube channel.
  • Bust a Move Dance has a vision for people of all abilities to be able to express themselves. Choose from unlimited weekly classes on demand or live classes online.
  • InsideOutside Dance is a dance school for people with disabilities founded by dancer, model and advocate Madeleine Stuart. Online classes include hip hop, musical theatre, dance fusion and dance/drumming.
  • National Dance Institute (US) offers free 30-minute classes for anybody who loves to move and includes ideas for adaptive movements. Watch on YouTube or Facebook

Find a class near you:

  • Search online or talk to family and friends about local inclusive dance classes
  • Check out community centres for introductory programs
  • Keep an eye out for “come and try” days so you can try different styles and studios
  • For kids, check out local school holiday dance programs.

Other options:

  • Put some tunes on at home and go freestyle!
  • Go out dancing with some friends
  • Check out TikTok for the latest trending dances and learn something new.


Dance inspiration.

Danielle’s story
Danielle from Western Australia is a paradancer with Ballroom Fit.

In a Youtube video interview about how dancing has changed her life, Danielle says:

“Dancing has helped me come out of my shell a lot, and that makes me feel empowered, it makes me feel like I can do anything I set my mind to. That I can learn something completely new and different, something that I never thought I would be able to do before. My shyness… gets in the way a lot. But that’s why I wanted to do it and keep doing it, ’cause it helps me get out of my comfort zone. It’s just given me a whole new outlook on life. Like, it’s made me have more belief in myself and my capabilities as a person with a disability, given me a more positive outlook, so it’s improved a lot of my relationships.”

InsideOutside Dance
Check out their short film Footsteps to Success. “When I dance, I love the feel of the rhythm, I  love the feel of flow, creativeness. I feel in tune and I feel so in sync…Dancing is a great way to make friendships, connections, even to try something new out of your comfort zone,” says dance instructor, Josh.

[Video description: The InsideOutside Dance – Footsteps To Success YouTube video.]

Bekah Cloud
The TikTok influencer, scoliosis yogi, aerialist and body positivity advocate has 190,000 followers. Known for keeping things real, Bekah frequently shares videos with a message of body acceptance and kindness. She’s also an incredible dancer!


Will the NDIS pay for dance classes?

The NDIS will only fund dance classes if they are considered to be reasonable and necessary and connected to your disability needs. The NDIS is more likely to fund dance classes if dancing is connected with your goals and will be beneficial for you.

It’s never too late to start dancing and just about anyone can dance. Whether you’re a private dancer, keen to take the stage or boot scootin’ in a massive group is more your style, let the music take you away and have some fun!


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