Will the NDIS fund sporting equipment or membership fees?

A boy in a wheelchair is playing basketball with 2 friends and it about to pass the ball to a person that is only half in the frame.
Whether you enjoy live music concerts, want to play sports or are thinking of learning to paint - hobbies and interests are an opportunity to get active, make friends and learn new skills. Here at Leap in! HQ, we are regularly asked questions about what the NDIS will pay for when it comes to social and

Assistive technology trends: What’s new and what’s coming?

A man in a blue and white striped shirt is sitting in front of a laptop while smiling to someone off camera.
Technology moves at such a fast pace that it can be hard to keep up. From devices to robotics to apps and artificial intelligence, innovation can be the key to independence for some people with disabilities. Today we are taking a look at some of the latest assistive technology trends and newly released items so

Supported Independent Living Update.

A woman and her carer are smiling at a camera while standing in a kitchen.
The NDIS has recently released some updated information about Supported Independent Living (SIL) including the types of things they consider when deciding if SIL is right for you. For people who need “significant assistance”.  The NDIS has confirmed that SIL supports are best suited to people who need “significant assistance everyday”. SIL may be ideal

WIN tickets to the Source Mama Gathering at Brisbane’s Calile Hotel!

A pink, black and white promotional image that reads "Source Mama The Gathering powered by Leap in! The Calile Hotel Brisbane Thursday 25th March. Guest speaker Karni Liddell Paralympian, TV Presenter, Keynote speaker + Social Worker. " To the right is an image of a set dining table with wine glasses overlapping a headshot style photo of Karni smiling.
We're excited to be major sponsor of the first ever The Source Mama Gathering to be held in Brisbane. This unique event, hosted by Source Mama and with special guest speaker Karni Liddell is aimed at bringing together, celebrating and supporting mothers of children with disabilities. WIN tickets to the Source Mama Brisbane Gathering! In partnership with Source Mama,

What are informal supports and why are they important?

Little girl and mum smiling
Friends, family members, teachers and members of the community can often play an important role in supporting people with a disability. When it comes to the NDIS and some other service providers, the unpaid help you get from the people around you is often referred to as “informal supports”. But what exactly are informal supports

Therapy in disguise at the beach: Special Source Kids edition

Therapy that doesn’t ‘feel’ like therapy is good for you and your child. It provides a welcome break from indoor activities and can be a fantastic way to continue the work a therapist does with your child beyond their normal learning environment. Last month in partnership with our friends at Source Kids, we brought you some

Diagnosing and assessing hearing loss in children.

Newborn baby boy lying on bed, sleeping, close up
More than 500 children are born with moderate to profound hearing impairment in Australia every year and 3% of children aged 0 to 14 experience a long-term hearing disorder.[1] In addition, at any given time 25% of school aged children suffer from middle ear infections and fluctuating hearing loss. In recognition of World Hearing Day this

Does the NDIS fund sensory equipment?

Young boy holding headphones over his ears with his eyes closed.
Sensory equipment can play an important role in development for children or adults with a disability or sensory processing disorders. Here at Leap in! HQ we are often asked whether the NDIS will cover sensory equipment and how to pay for sensory items from your NDIS budget. Today we are exploring the types of sensory

NDIS update: Some temporary COVID-19 measures are ending.

A red and white banner reading Community Update sits in the middle of 2 rows of 5 images of people smiling.
Last year, the NDIS made some temporary changes in relation to COVID-19 to support participants during the initial stages of the pandemic. The NDIS is now moving to what it calls “COVID-normal” where some of the temporary measures that were implemented due to COVID-19 are ending. Here’s the latest information. Personal protective equipment – ends

NDIS UPDATE: NDIS Quarterly Report.

A visually impaired woman is standing in an office space using her smart phone.
Here at Leap in! HQ, we always keep a keen eye out for the release of the NDIS Quarterly Reports. Not only do these reports provide some interesting statistics on NDIS participants and how the NDIS is performing, they often provide a useful summary of recent or upcoming changes. The latest report for October to December