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15 February 2023

NDIS Plan meetings and plan reassessments.

Being well prepared for NDIS Plan meetings and plan reassessments means you’re more likely to get all the supports you need for the duration of your plan.

The NDIS has made some recent changes to the language and processes for plan meetings and plan reassessments. Below, we answer some of the common questions we’ve been asked here at Leap in! HQ.

What’s the difference between a plan meeting and a plan reassessment?

A plan meeting is a meeting you have with an NDIS planner or local area coordinator (LAC) when you get your first NDIS Plan.

A plan reassessment is a process of reviewing your NDIS Plan to see if any changes need to be made. A plan reassessment was previously called an NDIS plan review.

What is a plan reassessment and how does it work?

Plan reassessments (plan reviews) generally take place when you are due for a new NDIS Plan. The plan reassessment process is the same as the old NDIS plan review process. You can find the official reassessment date in your current NDIS Plan. They can also occur when complex changes are required to your existing plan.

The NDIS planner will want to review your ndis plan and find out what’s working for you, anything that didn’t work so well, goals you have achieved with the funding from your existing plan and whether there have been any changes to your situation. The outcome is generally a new NDIS Plan. In some cases, your existing plan may instead be varied and extended.

A plan reassessment meeting can take place in person, over the phone or via video call.

My NDIS Plan is due to expire. Do I need to ring the NDIS or will they contact me?

The NDIS will generally contact you to “check in” and discuss your next plan before your plan expires. It’s a good idea to note when your plan is due to expire. Look for the plan reassessment date in your current plan.

When the NDIS contacts you, they may ask for specific information that will help with the preparation of your next plan such as assessments or reports.

If you haven’t heard from the NDIS six weeks before your plan ends, phone them on 1800 800 110.

What happens if my plan has already reached its reassessment date?

All plans of 12 months duration or longer that reach their reassessment date are automatically extended by 12 months (called a plan variation). Plans of short duration will be extended by the original plan length.

Service bookings for Specialist disability accommodation (SDA) and supported independent living (SIL) supports will increase automatically where a plan has been varied to extend by 28 days.

Unclaimed funds within your existing plan and service bookings will be available for 90 days after your plan has been replaced by a newly approved plan.[1]

For a plan reassessment: Ensure you have all the information you were asked to bring, have a record of your goals and what you have achieved with your NDIS Plan to date.

What is a plan meeting or reassessment meeting like?

Being as organised as possible will help your plan meeting go smoothly. The Leap in! app is the perfect partner for your plan meeting or reassessment.

For your first plan meeting: Use the Leap in! app to add all your details in one place and create your Plan Ready Summary. Here’s an article explaining how. Alternatively use the Leap in! NDIS Plan meeting checklist.

You can take along a family member, friend or advocate. It’s a good idea to ask them to take notes, especially if the planner or LAC asks you to provide additional information.

Do I need to prepare?

Here at the Leap in! HQ, we really encourage early and extensive preparation when it comes to your plan reassessment.

Some things you might like to organise ahead of your meeting are:

  • Assessments and reports from some of your service providers showing how your support and services are helping you to achieve your goals
  • Recommendations from service providers with suggestions for services you might need in the future
  • A copy of your Plan Ready Summary from the Leap in! app which will include any photos, information and status updates you or your crew have tracked for your goals during the Plan
  • A copy of your most recent statement from Leap in! which shows how your budget has been spent
  • A phone or tablet with the Leap in! app, so you can reference any detail you need for amounts spent, allocated or unspent.

You should also start to think about and record in your app some other details like:

  • What worked well in your last Plan?
  • What didn’t work well?
  • What goals did you achieve or how did you get closer to achieving them?
  • Which goals do you need to continue to work towards?
  • Do you have any new goals?
  • What would help you achieve your goals?
  • Why will you need NDIS help in the future?
  • Is there any change in your circumstances?
  • Were you able to use all the providers you needed?

You can use the free Leap in! app to prepare for your NDIS plan or plan reassessment meeting.

I’ve underspent and am worried about losing the funds I haven’t used. What should I do?

Leap in! can help you with relevant suggestions that contribute to your goals. Our Members also get a Budget Health Check every month, with under and over spending alerts in addition to monthly statements.

If you’re having trouble finding a provider, check out the Leap in! Provider Network Directory where you can filter NDIS providers across Australia by diagnoses, service type or location.

What happens if my needs change after my NDIS Plan meeting?

It’s important you let the NDIS know as soon as your circumstances change or are likely to change. This includes changes in your address, disability support needs, employment or the support provided by family or friends.

The easiest way to start this process is to phone 1800 800 110.

For more information, read our article My circumstances have changed: What next?

[1] NDIS, Changing your plan, 3 November 2022.

Did you know not all plan managers are the same?

The friendly Leap in! Crew is here to help you navigate the NDIS. We’re Australia’s leading NDIS plan manager and proudly not-for-profit. We’d love to speak with you about the unique benefits of Leap in! plan management.

Give us a call on 1300 05 78 78 email crew@leapin.com.au or chat with us on our website (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm AEST)

Originally published 20 December 2019, updated 9 January 2022.

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