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05 May 2021

Keen to try All Abilities Touch Footy?

All Abilities Touch Football programs are underway across the country, offering a chance for everyone to try the fun and popular game.

The inclusive programs provide an opportunity for people with intellectual and/or physical impairments to meet new people and learn touch football skills.

It’s an all-in approach where participants play alongside family members, carers, friends, elite footy players and anyone who wants to have a go.

From QLD and NSW to the rest of Oz.

The program, launched by the National Rugby League (NRL), started with a pilot six-week course at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. But the NRL is hoping to roll it out across every state and territory.

Six locations in NSW and QLD are the first to get the programs, which are being run through local touch football clubs. Other areas will be confirmed at a later date.

NRL National Inclusion Manager Graeme Clancy was instrumental in getting the program up and running. He says it’s designed as an “entry-level” opportunity for anyone who wants to learn touch footy and be part of the sporting community.

Participants learn a variety of different skills through individual and group activities. Each person can take part in a way that’s comfortable for them.

Touch football is said to be Australia’s largest social sport. There are currently around 700,000 players across the country.

Benefits of touch football.

Benefits of touch football include:

  • It’s fun!
  • It’s social and a perfect way to meet new people
  • There’s no tackling so there’s a low risk of injury
  • Everyone can play together
  • It gets you fit without noticing
  • It can be easily modified.

Graeme says he’s seen first-hand the impact of All Abilities touch on participants, particularly when it comes to making new friends.

“It’s massively social. There’s so many new friends made,” he said. “It’s wonderful to hear the stories of individuals that have had quite isolated lives all of a sudden now having massive social calendars – they’re going to the movies and going to the footy. And it helps families have those support networks as well.”

The programs run for six weeks and cost $60 per person. For more details visit NRL Touch Football Specialised or the TFS Facebook page.

Upcoming programs.

Gold Coast Touch Association
Southport QLD
Started 28th April (underway)
Contact: Mitch 0449 945 133

Caboolture Touch
Caboolture QLD
Started 29th April (underway)
Contact: Aimee 0403 546 578

Palm Beach Stingrays Touch
Palm Beach QLD
Started 29th April (underway)
Contact: Mitch 0416 295 060

North Sydney Bears
Artarmon Reserve NSW
Starting 5th May
Contact: Jordy 0451 759 100

Northern Gold Coast Touch
Coomera QLD
Starting 6th May
Contact: Leigh-Ann 0490 052 062

Touch ACT
Deakin Playing Fields
Starting 6th May
Contact: Emily 02 6212 2880

UQ Rebels, Brisbane
St Lucia QLD
Starting 16th May
Contact: James 0432 449 371

Other locations to be confirmed:

  • Ballina NSW
  • Newcastle NSW
  • Wagga NSW
  • Manly NSW
  • Macskville NSW
  • Launceston TAS

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