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13 March 2020

NDIS budget categories: Improved Learning

Is your goal to learn a new skill or get a qualification? Whether you’re about to complete high school or want to do some study to help you get a job, the NDIS may be able to help.

Furthering your education can open up exciting employment opportunities and build confidence.

But how can the NDIS help you take this next step in life?

Getting you there.

In the Capacity Building category there’s a budget called Improved Learning. If one of the goals in your NDIS Plan is to get a certain job and you need to take a course to help you get there, you may obtain funding in your Improved Learning budget.

Finding the right path for you. 

Everyone has different talents and interests so the path you take will be different to that of other people.

Some people choose to go to university, others may prefer a vocational pathway like TAFE or you may decide to do some work experience to help you learn on the job. Whatever path feels right for you, be sure to include it as a goal in your NDIS Plan so that you receive funding for related supports.

What learning-related supports can the NDIS fund?

Working through applications, understanding timetables and creating student budgets can be overwhelming for anyone, so the Improved Learning category is designed to support you on your pathway to further education.

The supports in this category can assist you with:

  • Course applications
  • Support through orientation
  • Managing and planning your study workload
  • Student budgeting
  • Specialised transport (if required because of a disability)
  • Setting up student accommodation/living arrangements
  • Transitioning from high school to further education.

You can also access supports that:

  • Pair you with a support worker to accompany you to class
  • Offer specialised training to teachers and other staff to help them support and understand your needs
  • Help you deal with anxiety or stress
  • Help you to develop your social skills
  • Link you with mainstream support services.

What else might be good to know?

While the NDIS can help support you on your educational journey, it is very particular about what it will and will not fund.

The NDIS will only fund supports that are directly related to your disability needs. The training must be provided by a suitably qualified training provider (such as a university or TAFE) and the course must be a recognised pathway to achieving your goal.

You’ll need to demonstrate that there is a clear benefit or outcome from completing the course. As you would expect, you need to maintain satisfactory progress throughout your studies to continue to receive NDIS funding.

The NDIS will not fund:

  • Course fees
  • Text books
  • Membership fees
  • Phone calls, photocopying or stationery
  • Direct employment assistance such job search activities.

However, if as a result of your disability, there is an increased cost in accessing course materials (for example an audio book that is an additional expense), the NDIS may fund the cost.

Want to know more?

If education will set you on the path to achieving your goals but you’re unsure about whether the NDIS can help, have a chat with the Leap in! Crew.  Call us on 1300 05 78 78, email us at or sign up to Leap in! plan management today.

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