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28 October 2021

How to use the Leap in! Provider Toolkit to track invoices.

Did you know that you can quickly and easily track any invoice submitted to Leap in! via the Claim Tracker feature in the Leap in! Provider Toolkit?

Claim Tracker has all the invoice-related information you need in one place. Find out where an invoice is up to in the processing cycle, the last status change, whether it has been paid and more. Here’s how…


Your unique URL.

Use your unique URL to view invoices from any device.

When you first lodge an invoice with Leap in! we email you a unique URL that’s attached to your account. Simply navigate to that URL in your browser to find the Provider Toolkit.

Can’t find your URL? No problems – simply call our crew on 1300 05 78 78 and we’ll help you out!

Hot tip: Bookmark the link so you can access it easily.

Search by invoice.

Easily find any invoice you have submitted.

  1. Select ‘Invoice Search’.
  2. Enter the invoice number for the claim you would like to track
  3. Select ‘Search’.

Enter the invoice number exactly as it is on the invoice, including any letters or special characters. The system will only work if a unique invoice number is used so be sure to use a different invoice number on each invoice to avoid confusion.

View invoice details.

Instantly view important information about the invoice.

You’ll be taken to the invoice status screen which shows important details about your invoice including the BSB and account, date and amount claimed. You’ll also see the date of the last status change.

If payment has been made, the payment reference number and amount will be visible here.


Check invoice status.

Quickly view the status and what happens next.

On the same screen you can view the status of your invoice and whether it has been processed, reviewed, NDIS approved, paid by the NDIS or paid out. A brief explanation may be included.

For example, if the current status is “Pending Review” the explanation will say it may take up to one week to secure approval for your invoice.

Hot tip: It typically takes 24-48 hours for funds paid out to be received in your bank account.


Declined invoices.

What to do if your invoice has been declined.

If your invoice has been declined, you should see that information at the top of the status. There are several reasons an invoice may be declined.

For example, there may have been an error when attempting to claim the invoice from the NDIA. Please contact Leap in! to discuss submitting your claim again.



Check out the FAQs on our website.

Do you have questions about where to send invoices or what to include?

Visit Payment FAQs and Provider FAQs on the Leap in! website for answers to these questions and more.

You’ll also find a link to an invoice template and guidance on how to use the template.


Know someone who is looking for a plan manager?

Leap in! is Australia’s leading NDIS plan manager. We always welcome referrals and have capacity to take on new plan management members.

If you have a client who you believe may benefit from our services, our team of experienced plan managers can help! Call 1300 05 78 78 or email


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