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03 July 2020

Breaking news: New NDIS Price Guide!

With so many changes to the NDIS Price Guide happening right now, it can be hard to keep up!

But with some prices increasing slightly and a new approach to group charges on the way, it’s important to know what the changes are and how they may affect you.

The NDIA has now released version 2 of the 2020-2021 Price Guide, this time with updated pricing.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Most prices have increased slightly
  • The COVID-19 loading has been removed
  • The TTP entitlement has decreased to 6%
  • Charges for group based supports are changing.

Pricing changes.

The new prices have been influenced by Fair Work Australia decisions and changes to the model used for Disability Support Worker costs. In addition, the COVID-19 loading has been removed.

The most notable changes are:

  • Modest price increases for all Core supports of around 1-3%. The biggest increases are for Core supports delivered on a Saturday or Sunday.
  • Prices for some Capacity Building supports have increased around 2% on average. Some Capacity Building prices remain the same.

You will get more funds in your NDIS Plan to cover the increases.

The NDIS will increase the funding in your plan to accommodate the pricing changes. That means there shouldn’t be any real impact on your ability to purchase supports from your NDIS Plan. The increase is expected to be applied around 11 July.

If you’re a Leap in! member, updating budgets in the app may take some time so we appreciate your patience while we roll out the changes. If your ability to purchase supports will be impacted, please contact us so your update can be prioritised.

TTP reduction.

From 1 July, the percentage of the Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) will reduce to 6% from 7.5%.

TTP is an additional cost providers can charge as they transition to working under the NDIS. If you receive support for attendant care and community centre based activities, your provider may charge the TTP.

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New approach to group-based supports.

The NDIS has introduced a new approach to charging for group-based supports. The worker to participant ratio has been removed and providers will claim against the appropriate 1:1 support line item instead.

This means the cost of the support worker will be split between the actual number of participants and may even include weighting based on how much direct support is given.

Providers will also be able to claim separately for non-face-to-face supports instead of an allowance for those being built into the price limit.

Top tip:
Providers and participants will have until 30 June 2021 to transition to the new approach. From 1 July, some providers may change to the new model while others will continue on the 2019-20 arrangements for now.

Community, Social and Recreational Activities

The Community, Social and Recreational Activities line item 04_115_0125_6_1 has been removed. This is the line most commonly used to cover costs of memberships or recreational activities when they are cost prohibitive.

This means some things you have previously claimed, like memberships, may no longer be eligible for funding. Please contact us to discuss if you think you may be impacted.

Meal preparation and linen service.

The meal preparation and delivery line item and the linen service line item are now quotable. Even if you have been receiving this service, you will need to submit a quote to the NDIS before future claims are successful.

Other changes.

For details on other changes including including employment-related supports, new supports for people with psychosocial disability and Individualised Living Options (ILO), check out our previous story Talking about the new NDIS Price Guide.

Unsure? Get in touch.

If you’re unsure of how any of these changes impact your NDIS Plan, get in touch with the Leap in! Crew by calling 1300 05 78 78, via email to or chat with one of our friendly crew online.

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