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04 August 2021

The remarkable startups using technology to drive inclusion.

A fully customisable bionic limb that can be made in a week… A global platform where people with disabilities can book inclusive accommodation… An online therapy program that enables kids to get active anywhere, anytime…

These are just some of the potentially life-changing innovations showcased at the recent Cerebral Palsy Alliance Remarkable Demo Day.

Remarkable is an accelerator and business mentoring program that supports tech-based companies that have the potential to reduce barriers for people with a disability.

Fast facts about the Remarkable program.

  • It goes for 14 weeks
  • It’s for new businesses using technology to develop tech-based solutions for people with a disability
  • It helps innovators to gain seed funding and build their businesses.

Seven “remarkable” businesses.

We are excited to share some of the incredible innovations showcased at the recent demo day. Here are four of our favourites.

Cure Bionics prosthetic arms.

Cure Bionics creates 3D printed and customisable bionic arms that make prosthetics more affordable. The arms are designed for below-elbow amputees and are suitable for children aged eight and above and adults. Removable covers mean users can tailor colours and patterns to suit their preferences.

Founder Mohamed Dhaouafi was shocked to find that of 30 million people worldwide with limb differences, only 5% could afford prosthetics. He wanted to find a solution to allow people with limb differences to unleash their full potential.

Cure Bionics is now developing an immersive therapeutic system using virtual reality that allows the virtual hand to be trained and controlled.

MediStays inclusive accommodation.

Imagine a world where anyone with care needs or a disability can stay in accessible accommodation whenever and wherever they needed it. MediStays is an online platform that supports patients, carers and families by allowing them to book accommodation, support services and other health or medical services in one place.

MediStays will allow patients undergoing lifesaving treatment to find a comfortable place to stay. It will also list holiday accommodation for people with access challenges and provide short and medium-term accommodation for people with disabilities while they await permanent housing.

The MediStays platform is live and open for bookings, with more than 700 properties around Australia already listed.


[Image description: A screengrab of the MediStays website with banners that say “Accomodation when you need it most” and “How can we support you?”.]

Recovawear and Wearable & Co. inclusive fashion.

Penny Weber began developing adaptive clothing design while she was undergoing rehabilitation following an accident. Like many patients, she struggled to find suitable clothing that allowed her to get dressed without assistance while recovering. Recovawear focuses on adaptive, comfortable and stylish clothing for patients healing from orthopaedic surgery.

The Wearable & Co label creates clothing for individuals with disabilities, designed to wrap around injuries, reduce dressing difficulties, strain, re-injury and tripping. They make the job of dressing easier and are ethically and sustainably produced.

Watch this space: Penny’s goal is to develop another range of clothing specifically for wheelchair users.

[Image description: A photo of a man and a woman wearing black comfortable outfits with yellow hats and socks and white shoes on a yellow background.]

Theraplay.TV invites everyone to play.

Theraplay.TV gives children of all ages the chance to participate in a huge range of active programs they may not usually be able to access. Research indicates that 87% of parents and carers perceive their child’s disability as a barrier to participating in sports and recreation.

Theraplay.TV wants to change that! Kids can join diverse presenters for short, easy to follow video classes with animation and interactive features. Adapted yoga, meditation, cheerleading, hip hop dancing, ballet and outdoor sports are just part of a constantly expanding program.

[Image description: A screenshot of Theraplay.TV content, provided by Theraplay.TV with a man, woman and child doing activities that look like dance moves.]

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