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17 Jul

What supports will the NDIS fund in the home?

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Here at Leap in! we often get asked about what types of supports the NDIS will fund in the home.

This week, we’re taking a closer look at the two main types of supports for the home that you might be able to include in your NDIS Plan: assistive technology and in-home supports.

So, what do these supports include and how can you make the most of them as part of your NDIS Plan?

1. What is assistive technology and how can it help me?

The equipment you might need to help you with everyday tasks is called ‘assistive technology’ which is:

  • any device or system that allows you to do something that you wouldn’t normally be able to do
  • equipment that can be used to increase ease or safety.

Assistive technology includes things like handrails, ramps and no-slip bath mats, as well as specialist equipment, modifications to your home and more. Funding for the maintenance and repair of your assistive technology may also be included in your Plan.

Click here to find more about assistive technology.

Specialised equipment

Sometimes the right products to help you aren’t available in stores and you may need to modify or have equipment custom-built to suit your specific needs.

Products that require modification to suit your needs are known as specialised equipment and can include: pressure mattresses, bath lifts and power wheelchairs.

These types of equipment require professional support to help you set them up and learn how to use them effectively.

Home modifications

It is important to make sure you can safely access your home and move around comfortably.

Changes made to the structure, layout or fittings of your home to ensure safe access and movement are called home modifications and could be included in your NDIS Plan. These modifications can be anything from bathroom adaptions to handrails or ramps.

Complex home modifications, modifications that will cost over $30,000 and any related incidental costs will need to be reviewed separately. This makes it even more important to be prepared with any necessary information before your NDIS Plan meeting to ensure you can receive the funding you need.

Click here to read more about home modifications.

2. In-home supports and visitations.

Along with assistive technologies, in-home supports and visits can also be covered in your NDIS Plan. These can include behavioural and other therapeutic supports, help with household tasks and assistance with your daily personal activities.

Will funding for in-home supports be included in my Plan?

The need for assistive technology and in-home support is assessed by the NDIS on a case-by-case basis. If it is decided to be a ‘reasonable and necessary’ support that meets your needs and will help you to achieve your goals, then it may be included. Like most things under the NDIS, every case is different and needs to tick the ‘reasonable and necessary’ box for the NDIS.

Being prepared for your Plan meeting is important to ensure you can make the most of funding available through the NDIS.

We can help.

Leap in! can help you prepare for your first NDIS Plan meeting or Plan Review to ensure you have the very best chance of getting the help you need.

Call us on 1300 05 78 78 to book your free NDIS pre-planning session, email crew@leapin.com.au or sign up to Leap in! plan management today.

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