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24 June 2020

10 simple ways to boost your immune system this winter: Special Source Kids edition

With winter here and flu season upon us, taking care of your health and supporting your immune system have never been more important.

Naturopath Sonia Tzerefos

Naturopath Sonia Tzerofos (pictured) shared some fantastic ideas for keeping your immune system strong through winter in a recent issue of Source Kids Magazine.

And while the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve in Australia, Sonia says that it makes sense to do what you can to protect yourself against nasty bugs including colds and flu.

That means embracing the usual healthy living advice like eating healthy food, exercising and getting outside… as well as adopting some immune-boosting practices.

Today we are sharing Sonia’s top 10 tips for building immunity.

1. Garlic.

Garlic contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It can help reduce blood pressure as well as cholesterol and is a natural antihistamine.

2. Vitamin C.

An old faithful and something you can easily get from eating fresh fruits and vegetables or as a supplement. Vitamin C is great for the immune and cardiovascular systems as well as your skin.

3. Zinc.

Zinc is a mineral that serves many purposes in our bodies. You can get more zinc by increasing the amount in your diet or taking a supplement. Foods high in zinc include beef, home-made baked beans, cashews, egg yolks, ginger, milk, sunflower seeds and wholegrains.

4. Herbs.

Echinacea, golden seal and olive leaf are great all-round immune boosting herbs, supporting the body to perform its natural immune function by promoting an increase in your white blood cell count.

Herbs such as yarrow, elder and peppermint combined in a hot fusion are also a fabulous remedy for colds and flu due to their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

5. Water.

So simple, yet during the colder months we often forget to drink water. Water flushes out toxins from our body, supports the production of lymph and keeps our bowels working well. It also supports mood and concentration by keeping your brain hydrated.

6. Get enough sleep.

Without enough sleep, your immune system can become compromised, making you more susceptible to illness. Adults require 8 hours sleep per night to enable our bodies to produce hormones, proteins and chemicals to maintain a healthy immune system.

7. Manuka honey.

Manuka honey contains strong antibacterial properties found to be effective against digestive, skin and throat infections. When a sore throat hits, a spoonful of honey doesn’t just make the medicine go down, it is the medicine!

8.  Juicing.

Juice made from ingredients such as kale, spinach, broccoli, beetroot, brussel sprouts, apples and berries is high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Add some ginger and garlic and you’ve really got yourself a winter warmer.

9. Bone broth.

Having bone broth daily will help to heal and protect your gut. Use bone broth in soups, stews, pasta sauces, risottos or on its own.

10. Heal your gut.

Take a good quality probiotic and eat probiotic foods such as sauerkraut, kombucha or a good quality yoghurt. These will help to maintain the bacterial balance in your digestive system which keeps the immune system healthy.

Being careful about what you put into your body and taking care of yourself during winter will build a strong immune system and help you avoid those pesky winter colds.

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