Man with an iFly suit on, floating inside the indoor skydiving tunnel with an instructor
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06 September 2022

The impossible is possible with All Abilities skydiving.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to fly? Now you can try with iFLY indoor skydiving!

A fun, safe and exciting experience, indoor skydiving takes place in a specially constructed vertical wind tunnel. 

And just about anyone can fly. iFLY is passionate about giving people of any ability the opportunity to fly their bodies their way. It makes the dream of flight a reality for flyers of all ages, abilities and skills according to Marketing Manager, Cheryl Dawson. 

“We are able to offer facilities and experiences that are accessible and inclusive for all people, of all abilities, in an ultra-safe environment. We specifically designed our venues that way,” Cheryl said.

Even spectators can get in on the action, with the clear glass tunnel making it easy to watch and cheer on flyers from front row seats.


Fly high with the All Abilities program.

iFLY Sydney and Gold Coast offer monthly All Abilities nights, giving people with disability a chance to try indoor skydiving and make what seems impossible, possible.

Bek, an ambassador and instructor at iFLY Downunder Sydney was instantly hooked after trying indoor skydiving at an All Abilities event held for International Day of People with a Disability in 2017. 

“We have flown at least twice a month ever since. I love how flying makes me feel. I love that my body can fly effortlessly and I can be equal to other people in the tunnel,” Bek said. 

“Since losing a lot of mobility, I have missed being active and flying at the tunnel has allowed me to feel a part of a sporting community again. Flying at iFLY gives me periods of freedom.” 

So, is it just like skydiving, only inside? Well, not quite. At iFLY, you don’t jump or fall like you do with traditional skydiving. You start from ground level and fly gently on a cushion of controlled air, suspended by the airflow. Indoor skydiving is intended to simulate the freefall experience of skydiving.

iFLY anytime.

If you can’t make it to an All Abilities session, you can get your flying fix any time of year at one of iFLY’s locations across Australia.

Anyone aged three years and over can fly, providing you’re in a reasonable state of fitness and meet the weight requirements. 

All five iFLY locations welcome people with disability and provide dedicated support from trained instructors:

 It’s best to contact iFLY first to discuss any individual access needs.  


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