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04 September 2020

Important update: New NDIS reforms announced.

A new package of reforms has been announced by the NDIA.

Drawing on the recommendations of the Tune Review, the reforms are the most extensive in the seven years since the NDIS started.

Today we take a quick look at the changes that are already underway or planned over the next two years.

Participant Service Guarantee.

In an announcement last week, Minister for the NDIS, Stuart Robert said that the government supported the recommendations of the Tune Review and would work with people with a disability and the disability sector to implement a range of reforms.

The reforms are intended to help deliver on the promise of the NDIS – to provide people with a permanent and significant disability true choice and control over a flexible support package to achieve their goals.

Included is an NDIS Participant Service Guarantee which sets new service standards and clear timeframes for decision making by the NDIA.

The NDIS must make decisions about access, plan approvals, plan reviews and nominee changes within these timeframes, creating greater certainty about how long changes will take.

A new Participant Service Charter and Participant Service Improvement Plan will help to make the scheme simpler and fairer for participants and their families.

Participant Service Charter.

A new Participant Services Charter has been developed to explain what participants can expect when they deal with the NDIS.

The aim is to support participants to achieve their goals and make their own decisions to the greatest extent possible. The NDIS also wants to adopt family-centred practices, respecting the role of families and carers in giving voice to the needs of children.

The charter is based on five principles:

  1. Transparent – making it easy to understand information and decisions
  2. Responsive – responding to individual needs and circumstances
  3. Respectful – recognising individual experience and acknowledging that participants are the experts in their own lives
  4. Empowering – easy access to information and support
  5. Connected – ability to access the services and support needed.

Find out more about the Participant Service Charter on the NDIS website.

Important update: New NDIS reforms announced.

Participant Service Improvement Plan.

The Participant Service Improvement Plan sets out what the NDIS is planning to do over the next two years to deliver a scheme that meets participant expectations. It also covers the changes that are being made so the NDIS works better for everyone.

To date, the following changes have been made:

  • Health and Justice Liaison Officers are helping people interact with the NDIS
  • You can now access your personal data and plan details without having to ask through a Freedom of Information request
  • You will have a current contact person for all your interactions with the NDIS. The name of your contact person is listed in the myplace portal.
  • Guidelines and procedures are being made clearer.

Find out more about the Participant Service Improvement Plan on the NDIS website.

Independent Assessments.

New independent assessments will be progressively rolled out. Independent assessments will be completed by approved Independent Assessors who are qualified health care professionals. They will not be NDIA employees.

The NDIA believes this will support simpler and more consistent access and planning decisions.

Independent assessments will be fully paid for by the NDIS, meaning you do not need to use your personal or NDIS Plan funding. The NDIA has indicated that sometime in early 2021 independent assessments will be required for all new access requests, extending to plan reviews by mid 2021.

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